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Estudios de hábitos de clientela

Studies of customer habits

Faced with the growing need for companies to know precisely the characteristics, habits, behaviors and opinions of their customers, Creed puts at their disposal a series of practical and versatile information tools to allow them to periodically control the evolution of their natural market.


Companies that make regular use of these tools are much less vulnerable to the dangers inherent in the changes that occur every day in the market, because they know and can react to:


• the consequences of not knowing your own strengths and weaknesses,
• the progressive flight of customers towards competitors,
• the inexplicable differences between the results of establishments of the same chain,
• cases of mislocation,
• the weakening of the image and notoriety,
• the phenomena of hidden dissatisfaction,
• errors in the communication policy,
• the difficulty of conquering the sought-after customer segments,
• the inadequacy of the real clientele to the theoretical “target”,
• the appearance of a new competitor,
• etc.

Other tests and tests

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