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Estudios de mercado internacionales

market opening

We make a series of specialized services available to companies that wish to start or deepen their presence in other countries, both to foreign companies seeking a business opportunity in Spain, and to national companies wishing to invest in foreign markets.


We simply propose to enter a new market in a prudent, reasonable, effective and efficient way.


Thanks to flexible and personalized methodologies, we propose you to enter the markets of interest with the guarantee of:


  • a modest initial investment (a prior diagnosis advises you to go ahead or not with the project),

  • a practically zero risk of failure (an introduction is only carried out when there is a true proven potential),


  • the security of achieving the maximum possible success (the strategy followed for the introduction is the one that allows you to take full advantage of both the strengths of your company and the opportunities of the market),


  • the permanent support of a team of experts.

We study, estimate, explain, advise, advise, organize, select and… CREATE YOUR MARKET.

International experience

  • Food and nutrition

  • Alcoholic drinks

  • DIY

  • Malls

  • electronic commerce

  • Personal care

  • Sport

  • Energy

  • Aerospace industry

  • Industria  pharmaceutical

  • Engineering

  • Pets

  • Furniture

  • Clothes and complements

  • Restoration

  • Real estate

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