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Feasibility studies

Good locations are increasingly scarce and more disputed, whether or not they are direct competitors. In today's world, one of the keys to long-term success lies in the ability to occupy geographical positions before the Competition. To succeed in this race, you need, among other benefits, strong external support to quickly and safely assess the feasibility of projects.


Creed's proprietary research methods have been developed and refined for more than 20 years in various countries. They allow you to study in a few days the accesses, the clientele and the competition in the attraction areas, to estimate the sales potential of your implementation projects. Our studies can also be used to obtain the validation of the projects by the administrations (“impact” studies).

Predictive analysis of territorial expansion

Suitable for those entities that wish to obtain a tool that identifies those geographical areas or specific locations that present better market conditions to start or continue their expansion procedures with guarantees.

Análisis predictivo de expansión territorial

Feasibility study of commercial implementation

Suitable for those companies or entrepreneurs who need a complete analysis of the foreseeable situation and the expected profitability of their commercial project in relation to their environment in order to facilitate decision-making about their opening.

Análisis de viabilidad de implantación comercial

Economic and financial feasibility study

Suitable for those situations in which the client wishes to focus their needs on those elements of their commercial project directly linked to economic profitability in the short, medium and even long term.

Estudios de viabilidad económica y financiera

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